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Sad or Stressed Young Mixed Race Girl Being Comforted By Her Friend Outside on Bench.

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Dear Friend,


Our little ministry makes a huge difference because we have…

  • An interactive gospel presentation.
  • New believer’s discipleship and Bible Study.
  • Ten Days of Encouragement sign up list
  • Info on how to find a local church.
  • Answers to faith related questions.
  • Resources and articles on depression.
  • Dozens of letters that answer real questions people ask us like, “Will I go to Hell if I Kill Myself?” “Wouldn’t My Children Be Better off Without Me?” “Help, My Husband Left Me!”
  • Suicide hot line numbers.


If you would like to help, simply write your TAX DEDUCTABLE go to one of our CLICK HERE on this page to contribute.


Linda Evans Shepherd


CLICK HERE to contribute online