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Magazine Catagories


  • Christianity Today Magazine - Offers resources, articles, communities, and more.
  • Decision -- From the ministry of the Billy Graham Association
  • Discipleship Journal -- Trusted source for insightful articles that will help you understand the Scriptures and grow in intimacy with God
  • Focus on the Family -- Magazine about the family from Dr. James Dobson.
  • Heartlight - articles, art, music and more to encourage positive Christian living. Daily devotionals, quotations, bible study, polls, chat, discussion boards, guestbook, and more.
  • The Lutheran Magazine - Te largest protestant denominational magazine in the United States. Official general-purpose publication of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  • Sojourners - Promotes the biblical call to integrate spiritual renewal and social justice.
  • Relevant Magazine - Covers God, life, and progressive culture.
  • Boundless - Weekly articles exploring faith, love, and imagination.
  • Maranatha Christian Journal - Reports newsworthy events and activities. Iincreases awareness of the moral issues of our day, and provides thought-provoking commentary.
  • Marriage Partnership -- To strengthen and support marriage.
  • Guideposts - Stoies of faith, hope, inspiration and prayer.
  • TheOoze Community - Great place to learn, grow and connect.




  • Adventist Today - From Adventist church. Includes archived articles, discussion forums, and current news.
  • Alive Now -- From the Upper Room
  • American Girl -- The online place for girls interested in The American Girl Collection
  • Angels on Earth -- Guidepost publication about everyday miracles.
  • Anglican Journal -- Publication of Anglican Church of Canada.


  • Baptist Bible Tribune - From Baptist Bible Fellowship International. Includes current issue.
  • Baptist Press
  • Bible Advocate Online - Online version seeks to present the truths of Scripture and offer biblical help for today's problems and challenges.
  • Bible Magazine - Internet edition offers magazines, books, and videos from Christadelphians.
  • Biblical Recorder - Weekly journal of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.
  • Boundless - Weekly articles exploring faith, love, and imagination.
  • Brio Magazine - From Focus on Family. Geared towards teenage Christian girls.


  • Catholic Answer -- Catholic publication.
  • Catholic Digest -- For readers who find encouragement in the Catholic community and who seek Catholic values, teachings and traditions.
  • CCM Magazine -- Christian Contemporary Music Magazine.
  • Charisma -- Top news and resouces for charismatic community.
  • Children's Ministry -- From Group Publications for those in children's ministry.
  • The Christ Path - Written for traditional and contemporary Christian mystics.
  • Christian Activities Online - Articles about the Christian music industry, local church and concert news, music reviews, audio clips and color photos.
  • Christian Library Journal - Reviews of books, videos, cassette tapes, and CDs from a Christian point of view.
  • Christian Mirror - Webzine focuses on issues concerning women.
  • Christian Parenting Today -- Building faith filled families.
  • Christian Reader -- Best articles and stories. from Christian magazines.
  • Christian Research Journal --Probing today's religious movements and critical thinking for Christians.
  • Christian Single - From Lifeway. Magazine for successful single living.
  • Christian Standard - Dedicated to the restoration of New Testament Christianity, its doctrines, its ordinances, and its fruits.
  • Christianity Today Magazine - Offers resources, articles, communities, and more.
  • Church Production Magazine - A resource and an educational tool for churches.
  • Columbia -- Knights of Columbus (Catholic)
  • Clubhouse - Focus on the Family - 8 - 12
  • Clubhouse Jr. - Focus on the Family 4 - 8
  • Common Ground - Western Canada's biggest and best-loved monthly magazine dedicated to health, wellness, ecology and personal growth.
  • Compass: A Jesuit Journal -Recognized as the best Catholic magazine in North America, Compass is a forum for lively debate on contemporary, social and religious questions.
  • Company -- A Magazine of the American Jesuits
  • Creation -- A famikly, nature, science magazine focusing on creation/evolution issues.
  • Crowned With Silver - To edify and encourage Christian women in true Biblical womanhoodregarding home schooling, etiquette, marriage, womanhood, and nostalgic wisdom from the past.


  • Daily Walk -- Discipleship publication.
  • Decision -- From the ministry of the Billy Graham Association
  • Discipleship Journal -- Trusted source for insightful articles that will help you understand the Scriptures and grow in intimacy with God




  • Generation - created by young people with the intent of reaching other young people around the world by facing and tackling the issues most pertinent to our generation.
  • Good News
  • Good News Unlimited - Proclaiming the good news about Jesus Christ.
  • Gospel Today
  • The Gospel Trail, The - Bible study tools and links to ministries and other Christian web pages.
  • Group Magazine - The world's most-read youth ministry resource
  • Guideposts - faith, hope, inspiration, prayer, religion, spirituality, miracles, devotionals and fellowship.
  • Guideposts for Kids
  • Guideposts for Teens - features on school, sex, and spirituality with a moral message.


  • Hal Lindsey Oracle - offers news around the world regarding faith-based matters.
  • Heartlight - articles, art, music and more to encourage positive Christian living. Daily devotionals, quotations, bible study, polls, chat, discussion boards, guestbook, and more.
  • Heartwarmers -- Daily online inspiration.
  • In The Beginning - Bringing harmony between the Bible and the world of science.
  • Insight Magazine - For Christian teenagers, offering stories and articles for spiritual encouragement and inspiration.
  • Interpretation -Journal of Bible and theology.



  • Kiwanis -- Pubilcation of Kiwanis International.


  • Liberty -- Magazine of religious freedom.
  • Life in the Spirit - Bimonthly Christian magazine. You will discover a wide variety of contemporary and classic writers addressing the themes of worship, evangelism, holy living, revival and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Light Magazine - Light Magazine showcases the impact of God’s Word in a dark world, both through and beyond the efforts of International Bible Society.
  • The Lighthouse - addressing issues of concern to Christians today.
  • Liguorian
  • Liturgy Canada - Promoting Discussion About Liturgy and Mission.
  • Live -- Sunday School helps.
  • Living -- Online resource for Christian congregations and leaders.
  • The Living Pulpit - Ecumenical venture in Christian understanding, providing fresh insight to preachers and teachers of theology as well as the interested lay person.
  • The Lookout -- For today's growing Christian.
  • Lutheran Digest -- The Lutheran Digest is a quarterly publication that contains great articles on Christian living, humor and more.
  • Lutheran Magazine, The - The official general-purpose publication of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Exploring our Christian Faith through stories that inform and inspire.


  • Maranatha Christian Journal - News and Views for Today's Christian Online.
  • Marriage Partnership -- To strengthen and support marriage.
  • Miraculous Medal -- To render honor to Mary.
  • Men Of Integrity -- From Promise Keepers -- publication to transform men.
  • Mennonite, The - Semimonthly magazine for members of Mennonite Church USA and others interested in the Mennonite church
  • Message -- The magazine for virtuous living.
  • Midnight Call Magazine - Prophetic voice of the endtimes providing news on Y2K, Bible Prophecy, and more.
  • Milieu - Online magazine for families of the Reformed Faith, dealing with family issues from a reformed, nouthetic (biblical) perspective.
  • Modern Liturgy - professional magazine for members of the parish ministry team.
  • Moody Magazine Archieves - No longer in publication. You can see archieved issued containing articles, contents, and more.


  • National Liberty Journal -Published by Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.
  • National Outlook - Ecumenical look at religion, theology and the ethical dimensions of current economical and political issues.
  • New Creation Magazine - Bimonthly magazine sent out free to all those who request it. Its purpose is to strengthen and encourage God's New Creation in practical Christian matters of life.
  • New Man - Contains information on money, being a dad, family, marriage and sexuality, chat rooms, daily devotionals, and more.
  • New Wineskins Magazine - Equipping Christian men and women with the confidence needed to engage today¿s culture with the Word of God.


  • Oblates -- Catholic organizational publication that serves the world's poor.
  • The Ooze Community - The heart of TheOOZE is to encourage the Church to engage our emerging culture by developing relationships and resources.
  • The Other Side - Ecumenical Christian ministry advancing a vision for social transformation grounded in the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • On Mission -- Helping you share Christ in the real world.
  • Our Sunday Visitor -- Catholic, weekly, Sunday paper.


  • Physician -- For physicians from Focus on the Family.
  • Pockets -- For kids
  • Preaching Magazine - Interdenominational professional journal for ministers, with feature articles about preaching, sermons and preaching resources.
  • Presbyterians Today -- Publication of the Presbyterian Chruch USA.
  • PropheZine - Deals with bible prophecy, world events, and politics.
  • Psychology for Living -- Dedicated to preventing and solving human problems, and training laypersons, Christian workers, and their families.




  • Sermon Notes - An online preaching resource for pastors and teachers, offering sermons, illustrations and additional resources from some of America's best known pastors, as well as a number of other talented writers.
  • Signs of the Times -- Adventist magazine.
  • Sojourners Online - site for Christians looking for the teachings of the Jesus who delivered the Sermon on the Mount.
  • Spectrum Magazine - Journal of the Association of Adventist Forums, promoting discussion of contemporary Christian issues.
  • SpiritLed Woman - offers devotionals, selected articles from the print magazine for Christian women, chat, and more.
  • Spirituality For Today - Dedicated to a variety of current themes and questions concerning the Christian faith in this postmodern age.
  • Sports Spectrum - Where sports and faith collide.
  • St. Anthony Messenger - Catholic publication.


  • T4J Magazine - For teens and written from a Christian perspective. (Teens For Jesus)
  • Today's Pentecostal Evangel
  • Third Way - Magazine for people who haven't lost faith in God or lost touch with the world
  • TNN Online: Tribulation News Network - Biblical news and analysis, discussing and analyzing current events from an eschatological point of view.



  • The Voice Magazine - The Voice magazine is a fast growing Christian magazine, equipping believers for the work of the ministry and a Godly voice in life and culture.
  • War Cry -- Publication of the Salvation Army.
  • The Word Among Us (TWAU) - features daily meditations based on the Mass readings, inspiring personal testimonies, prayer starters to draw you closer to God, and monthly bible studies.
  • World on the Web - weekly, full-color magazine that reports the news from a Christian perspective.



  • You! - international alternative youth magazine with celebrities, pop culture, music, sports, and testimonies and teachings of faith, hope, and the bold love of God.








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When You Don't Know What to Pray

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Speaking Professionally -- Kathy Collard Miller.


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How To Plan A Successful Big Event -- Karen Porter

The Money Mission: How to Find Money For Your Women’s Ministry --Pamela Christian.

Starting a Women's Ministry from the Ground Up -- Betty Voshage



How tp Find Your Own Agent; How to Be Your Own Agent -- Janet Kobobel Grant


Writing Professionally
Kathy Collard Miller

Marketing Your Writing 101
Suzie Eller


Grief Relief
Linda Evans Shepherd



Great Chicken Recipes
Pamela Christian

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Looking for a fun Christian Novel to read or give as a gift?

The Potluck Club

Discussion Questions available at

***** A reader said, "Six women-six lives with problems and secrets. When the women of the Potluck Club meet monthly in Summit View, Colorado they're tested by more than just the fire cooking their recipes. As their friendships develop, they're tested to accept, with Grace, the things about each other that are hard to swallow. The authors have cooked up a wonderful casserole of characters sure to please even readers with the most discriminating taste. Each chapter is written from the point of view of a different member of the club. Sure to be a delight with a strong Spiritual thread baked in. HIGHLY RECOMMEND " Click HERE for discount.

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Tangled Heart

This is the world's first murder mystery devotional -- with 90 days of suspenseful readings designed to fit into your daily quiet time. As the intrigue unfolds, you'll find an inspirational message woven into the pages of a unforgettable murder mystery, along with your daily Bible reading and prayer.

About the Book:

When Madison took her new job, she thought it would help her marriage. Instead, it puts her relationship on the rocks . . . and her life at risk when she discovers company secrets that point to fraud -- and murder. Madison's race to get the details to the police -- and survive in the process -- leads to a heart-gripping climax that will keep the reader glued to the chair.

More than a fist-clenching suspense story, Tangled Heart is also a daily devotional that uses Scripture and prayer to underline how God works in our everyday lives -- even when our lives are pushed to the brink of disaster. Linda Evans Shepherd once again shows us the importance of daily

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Silver and Gold

Compiled by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson


Some friendships have the radiance of silver. Others prove to be solid like gold. And these relationships grow in value as the years pass.

As these writers remember their most memorable relationships with other women, they all express love and gratitude for friends—the remarkable women in their lives who are as priceless as “apples of silver in settings of gold.” They’re people, quite simply, that we couldn’t live without.

Read contributions from well-known Christian authors and speakers, including Vickey Banks, Allison Gappa Bottke, Linda Dillow, Becky Freeman, Nicole Johnson, Carol Kent, Paula Rinehart, Kendra Smiley, and Leslie Vernick.

So come, join them. Share this book with your treasured friends. Celebrate the friendships as true and timeless as silver and gold.


Potluck Club Book Club Kit


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